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The Commendable Lolo Vendor, Syrian Vlogger Offers To Buy Entire Vegetables and the Bike “Padyak” for 100K



On a roadway, it was not difficult for a sidecar bike vendor to shine beneath the skin-scorching sun. He was hardworking to look at in aspect: from his black, worn-oh jacket and jeans to his clutch on the crumbled handlebars of his bike. Nevertheless, he managed to blend into the sea of people running errands on and across the sides of the city, and that was enough reason for a Syrian vlogger to open the windows of his car and get down to commerce.



He told the old vendor to cross the road and park at the gas station. Quickly, the old vendor hopped off his bike and stooped low to pick his merchandise from the sidecar.

“Hi, tay!” the Syrian vlogger greeted.

“Talong, bossing,” he offered, showing the eggplants and pumpkin that swung to his hands.

With no thoughts of harm against him, at the gas station, the Syrian vlogger laid hands on the eggplants, checking them out from side to size—he then joked about the quality of vegetables the old vendor sells. Feeling embarrassed to not entertain the questions of his customer, he just went along and responded to his jokes in his greatest attempt.

“You know what I’ll buy everything,” his customer said. The Syrian vlogger rode the bike and pedaled around the gas station while the old vendor stuffed the sold vegetables into the transparent plastic bag.


“This one.” He approached the bike, pointing on the bike and showing interest in it.

The old vendor laughed a bit, almost pleading. “Please don’t, have pity on me.”

“I’ll buy it cash,” he insisted. Laughing, the old vendor explained why he couldn’t buy it.

“Even for 100K?”

“100K?” the old vendor repeated. He paused as though the words muddled inside his head, and he immediately refused the tempting offer. He didn’t notice he was trembling, getting a bit emotional.

“Why not?” he began to wonder. “You wanna keep the memories with this one? You love it? Because you have it for long?”

He nodded, “Everyday.”

“You’re such a good man,” he commended. “Even if I offer you 100K, you won’t give it up.”

“I’ll buy everything and give you extra money to help you out,” he went on. “Are you happy?”

“Yes,” the old vendor happily answered, he would be able to go back home to Isabela and meet his children again.

Too many times the workloads, at all times, fall on the laps of hardworking people—they spend their times bettering the lives of their loved ones, and they have become one of those who don’t easily give in to tempting offers because they get used to earning opportunities from working hard, just like the old “padyak” vendor.

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Source: The Hungry Syrian Wanderer


The Public Can Officially Hope to See the Beauty of The New Manila Bay



On Saturday, September 19, 2020, one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines, Manila Bay, is now officially allowed to be visited by the public after months of undergoing rehabilitation to partake along the International Coastal Clean-up Day.

Also, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources will go over there and have a checkup around the said tourist attraction that will be led by Secretary Roy Cimatu. Phase 1 of Manila Bay will expectantly reach its end on September 19, 2020.

As stated by the Undersecretary of Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Benny Antriporda, the public should also expect to see Secretary Roy Cimatu together with the Department of the Interior and Local Government officials, Metro Manila Development Authority, and Manila City government on the day of International Coastal Clean-up.

However, some of the country’s critics seemed to thumb down on this project, saying that it is nothing but a waste of money. The convenor of Infrawatch, Terry Ridon, expressed his statement regarding the project for Manila Bay as well, “we need to complete all documentation to file all the information and more importantly, we would like to give the government a chance to rectify its error.”

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Jaw-dropping Photos of a Former Child Star Wowed the Netizens



A flower that blooms. That is clearly what netizens have taken notice about the Kapamilya Actress Xyriel Manabat who was one of the most known child stars to ever work in ABS-CBN Network after wowing her fans and the netizens with her beautiful photos in her Instagram account.

Way back in 2010, the former child star became known after performing the role in ABS-CBN’s Momay and in 2011 hit series 100 Days to Heaven as Anna Manalastas. A decade had passed as though it was horrifying lightning—she is now at the age of 16, is already preparing to enter college, and is all now grown up like a bloomed flower under the summer’s warm sunup.

In the Instagram world, the former child star Xyriel Manabat had seemed to make the eyes of her fans pop out of their shells with her lovely photos posted on August 25, 2020.

The netizens could remember that her career in the showbiz industry had begun right after she joined Start Circle Quest in 2009, and they had recently seen her perform the young version of Kapamilya Actress Maja Salvador as Lily and Ivy Aguas in the ABS-CBN series “Wildflower.”

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Kilalanin ang sikat na aktres na ito na naghahanap umano ng manager



Actress Kris Bernal is now going to earn money by being hired on different jobs after doing her services such as guesting, hosting, showing up in movies, and performing roles in TV shows for 13 years beneath the roof and care of GMA 7 and GMA Artist Center.

Although her contract has reached its epilogue for more than a decade, she still didn’t let the grass grow under her feet. As for the moment, the actress is giving new things a whirl: she’s uploading vlogs on her YouTube channel from time to time and looking forward to do bridging to other TV networks to have an appearance on several shows.

The exclusive contract may expire, and that she may not get to officially work for them anymore, Kris Bernal still seemed to consider the decadelong experience she’s gotten from working with GMA—the Starstruck alum made it clear that the actress opened her palms for the permission of the upper management to entertain several offers.

“Yes, of course. I did. Oo naman. I informed my bosses about this guesting and they were okay naman about it,” she said on her interview with TV5’s talk show Chika Besh hosted by Pokwang, Riya Atayde, and her co-Kapuso artist Pauline Luna.

Her first and only manager througher her showbiz career for more than 13 years noew was GMA Artist Center, she added. “But then, it expired na nga po, so of course, nawala na rin iyong exclusivity ng contract. So, right now I can say that I’m a freelancer.”

In her YouTube channel, Kris admittedly made up her mind to find a manager because the network offers no contract renewal and shows for her yet. She wondered that everything is still uncertain during these times, and added that if the network hasn’t made a final decision yet, she would understand it willingly.

The actress clarified that there were no arguments and conflicts between her and the management, “Pero I’m still doing guessings with GMA. Yes, kinukuha pa rin nila ako. Trabaho is trabaho, tatangvapin ko po iyan.”

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