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WATCH: Ivana Alawi’s brother in tears after being surprised with



Out of nowhere, a box fell on the lap of Hash and he burst into happy tears after stripping off its ribbon; inside it was a land title, Ivana Alawi, his sister had bought for him.

According to Ivana’s explanation on her new vlog “New House + Surprising Hash” that was uploaded on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, her brother didn’t seek out for more and would let material things pass, like he’s contented with what he has, and that he would thumb down on the idea of buying him luxury watches, a new gaming computer or laptop.

Even in the face of her brother’s refusal, Ivana continued to insist to do something for her brother and sprung up with a surprise to get him a lot of his own. With that, Ivana thought it would be useful for Hash in the future; he’d be able to build a house for his future wife and future children.

She and her siblings have dreamed of living in one subdivision when they all have their own families so they’ll be able to remain close with one another, Ivana stated at the beginning of her vlog, which already gained more than 2.7 million views. Another thing, before she dropped a touching bomb, she showed to everyone the lot she also got for their mother.

Hash, on the other hand, seemed to be clueless why they stepped foot on a different lot until his sister gave him a briefcase that contained the land’s title with his name scribbled on it. Tears began to well up in his eyes before he said, “It’s too much.”



Usap-usapan ng mga netizens ang post ni Julia Barreto na naka braless!



Dahil sa mainit na panahon at karamihan sa atin ay nananatili lamang sa bahay, ang ilang mga kababaihan ay nagnanais na magsuot ng mga maninipis na damit upang mas komportable.

At ang batang aktres na ito ay may ibang pamamaraan ng pagiging komportable sa bahay.

Si Julia Barretto ay muling gumawa ng mga ingay sa social media matapos nitong mai-post ang kanyang larawan sa Instagram.

Simple lang ang suot niya na puting shirt at grey na jogging pants. Si Julia ay maganda kahit walang make up dahil sa pagiging simple at natural ng kanyang mukha.

Ngunit napansin ng ilang netizens na wala raw suot na br@ ang batang aktres.

Kapansin-pansin ito dahil nakasuot siya ng puting shirt.

Nakakuha ito ng mga negatibong komento mula sa netizens at pinupuna ang aktres.

Sa kabilang banda, sinabi ni Dra. Ipinagtanggol ni Vicki Belo si Julia sa pamamagitan ng pag-post ng magandang bahagi ng hindi pagsusuot ng bra.

@JuliaBarretto’s post got some negative comments when she posted a photo of her lounging at home braless.

“I think Julia is right.

“Sometimes, it’s better not to wear a bra if you’re just lounging around the house, and especially if your breasts are not over a B cup or are not sagging.

“Not wearing a bra allows for better circulation, especially in the lung and breast area.

“Secondly, bra straps can be pressing on the area between the shoulder and the neck leading to neck pain.”

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Ellen Adarna diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD



Having mental health problems is indeed inevitable. Even an actress like Ellen Adarna experienced difficulties in dealing with and stepping on top of her three mental health disorders.

After battling and bearing down on her personal problems, actress Ellen Adarna finally seemed comfortable to bring up what she had gone through in a span of four months. In the written article of KAMI, Ellen confessed about how she fell on hard times as she dealt with depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

“I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder,” she began. “Let’s just say everything happened all at once. In a span of four months. All the bad things I imagine happened. So it was very traumatic.”

The actress discovered that her symptoms were extreme sadness, uncontrollable wobbling of body, vomiting, difficulty in inhaling and exhaling and stiffness in muscle. As soon as they went out of hand, she straight up went to therapy sessions, discussing her difficulty with psychiatrists, taking medications and all. Although she was getting better, she needed to stop because of the side effects of the abovementioned.

With her son, Elias, acting up as her sounding board and helping hand in her tough times—Ellen went to undergo mental health trainings in Indonesia, and she’s now mostly doing better.

Even though the actress had her tough times, she didn’t fail to be a mother to Elias. She regularly updated the online community with her son’s photos and video clips that reportedly made rounds in social media.

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Enchong Dee takes advantage of Bea Alonzo’s drunkness



Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo’s reminiscence about how she fell prey to Enchong Dee’s gimmick earned laugh reactions from the online community.


Although it was only a day ago when the Facebook page Philippine Celebrities – PhilShowbiz shared a photo of Bea Alonzo and Enchong Dee, it already garnered almost 20K laugh reactions and 5K shares.

In the photo, Bea recalled how her friend and co-Kapamilya actor, Enchong Dee, took advantage of her drunkness and got her into selling her one-year-old Starex Limousine.


“Nalasing ako, lasing na lasing ako. Nag-take advantage siya. Kasi magpapalit ako ng kotse nuon,” she started.
“Sabi niya ‘benta mo na ‘yung Starex Limousine mo saakin ganun, ganun.’,” Bea added.

During that time, she seemed unaware that Enchong was seriously persuading her to sell the said car that she only bought a year ago. “Tapos sabe ko naman ‘oo naman sige ipakuha mo lang diyan, ganyan, ganyan.’ Hindi ko naman alam na binigay niya 1 million lang, isang taon lang ‘yung kotse.”

Bea dropped her jaw as she discovered that Enchong had already deposited his payment into her bank account a day after the gimmick moment with her friend. “The next day, hindi pa ako gising naka-deposit na yung 1 million sa account ko.”

“Pinipick-up na daw yung kotse ko, nabudol. Tapos sabi ng nanay ko ‘bakit mo binenta ng napakababa naman yung kotse?’”

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