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Woman with Alopecia Shares How She Goes Through It, Check The Symptoms



Our hair plays an important role in our lives especially in women’s lives—it makes them feel beautiful, it makes them happy. The worse thing that can ever occur to it is baldness or abrupt loss of hair, but what’s worst is that the loss of it can result to discrimination.

Nica Marie Domino, a Facebook netizen and a person with alopecia, told her story on what she went through after being diagnosed with alopecia: a condition in which hair is lost from a certain or all areas of the body.


At first, she did not expect that people around her would totally understand and support her condition. She wasn’t approached with questions of curiosity or judgments but rather of support and understanding in which she was grateful for.

Nica Marie said she considered herself lucky because the condition she has wasn’t like that of those people with severe Alopecia. Although her condition wasn’t that bad, she admittedly said that when her hair began to go bald, her confidence shrunk in an instant and that she was in fear of getting judged by society.

She shared that, “hindi ko alam na dahil lang sa stress ay magkakaganito nako. At ang ginawa ko nalang, lagi lang akong masaya, hindi nagpapastress sa mga bagay bagay. At ngayon hindi ko masasabi na magaling nako dahil sa bawat pag-iyak ko may nalalagas nanaman.”

As stated by her, she loved her hair so much that she almost became hopeless and wanted to give up on the challenges she was going through. However, she was also thankful that she only had alopecia compared to those people who were much going through suffering. She expressed her thankfulness to those who understood her condition and supported her all throughout her journey.

She was also glad that her hair began to regrow as of now although the condition reoccurred every once in a while.

“Pero thankful ako kay Lord dahil binalik nya ung buhok ko at bago pa… Thankful pa din ako dahil ito lang ang binigay na pagsubok sa buhay ko hindi malala na sakot,” she added.

To prevent the Alopecia, she warned that when people noticed that their hairs started to go bald, they should immediately consult to professionals, and it was also helpful if people wouldn’t put shampoo or chemicals on their hair every day.


At the end of her Facebook post, she left a message to those who had the same condition; they should always remember that they are beautiful with or without their hair and that they should always smile because they wouldn’t be given a problem that they wouldn’t solve in the long run.